Desktop Vs. Laptop Gaming

Desktop Vs. Laptop Gaming With The RTX 2070

The difference in performance between desktop and laptop graphics card is reduced noticeably since the inception of Nvidia’s RTX GPUs. In the earlier Pascal GPUs, there was a remarkable difference in the specifications between the products of GeForce 20 series exclusively for laptops and GeForce 20 series desktops dedicated to gaming.

Desktop Vs. Laptop Gaming With The RTX 2070
Desktop Vs. Laptop Gaming With The RTX 2070

Is The Desktop Better Than Laptops In Gaming?

Desktops are a better performer in games. But the laptops are also creating a market in the gaming world. But I am not here to compare and debate. I intend to show the gamers how the laptop systems differ from that of the desktops meant for gaming.

Let us now go back to the GeForce 20 and concentrate on RTX 2070. Though the name is the same for both desktop and laptop, the clock is 180MHz lower in laptop variant; other configurations remain the same. And this makes a significant difference in the performance. The desktop runs 13% faster in games.

Performance Check, Desktop Vs. Laptop

To check the performance mismatch, we will do a straightforward test. We have an RTX 20 laptop, and we will see its performance against the desktop RTX 20 series games. It is not a super fine comparison as other hardware related factors keep desktops ahead in reality.

             Desktop                    Laptop

CUDA Cores                      2304                                                                              2304

Base Clock(MHz)             1410                                                                              1215

 Boost Clock (MHz)          1620                                                                             1440

RTX Tops                           45                                                                                  38

Memory                            GDDR6 at 14*Gbps                                                GDDR6 at 14*Gbps

TDP                                   175W                                                                            115W

The CPU makes a great difference. Most of the gaming laptops have 45W CPUs, but we have the Core i7-9750H CPU today. On the other side, desktop gamers use Core i7-8700K, which is much higher. This 8700K is generally clocked 1GHz higher in a multithreaded workload.

The eight-core i9-9990K was an alternative to choose for desktop, but comparison six-core against six core is a fairer choice. That is the reason we took the gamers’ favorite 8700K.

The laptop used for the benchmark is configured with RTX 2070GPU, 1080p display, 16 GB of DDR4-2666, Core i7-9750H. The desktop used RTX 2070 FE, Core i7-8700K, 1080p display, and 16 GB of DDR4-3000.

You can notice that the clock is even higher, 19% not 13%, as we mentioned above.

Desktop Vs. Laptop Gaming With The RTX 2070
Desktop Vs. Laptop Gaming With The RTX 2070

Performance In Different Games

Metro Exodus is an excellent choice for a gaming laptop. On average, it is only 11% lower than the RTX 2070 monitor performance. Despite having a 20% clock advantage, the Metro performance deserves an appreciation.  

But the performance is poor with the Resident Evil 2. The laptop version is beaten by almost 33% against the desktop variant with nearly a similar configuration.

Hitman 2 is another favorite one for the desktop gamers, and it too gives similar performance to that of the Resident Evil2. A massive 34% advantage is delivered to the desktop.

Battlefield V shows an exciting situation. The average performance is 12% better than its laptop counterpart. But in 1% low performance, the computer provides a more consistent experience.


So, now you got a good idea about playing games on both computers and laptops. You have seen the features and what you can get and what not. Choose your device accordingly.

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