Digital Media Trends

The way people entertain themselves changes a lot with the passing of years. New digital media trends come in and old ones are thrown away to making a revolutionary way. A long time ago, the only form of entertainment was in the outdoors, and people were happy with it. In the rules of old, young children play outside and adults entertain themselves with gossips or a night out at the local dive. With the turn of centuries, all this has changed along with other things.

Digital Media Trends To Know
Digital Media Trends To Know

We are at a much-advanced age than our grandparents and even parents. The way we amuse ourselves vary greatly from our older relatives. For a long time, the entertainment and media companies held sway and people enjoyed TV shows and movies. But the digital media keeps on changing, and you never know what will create the next big wave. Especially after the invention of cell phones, the entertainment sector has gone through a lot of twists and turns.

Entertainment: Then And Now

The young people today have seen a lot of fads that come in the door and go out of the window. Cell phones and the internet have gone public rather recently in comparison to other modes of entertainment. But as soon as they did come out, there has been a large upheaval. Now we have the world at our fingertips and a million ways to keep ourselves busy. Apart from TV shows and movies, a lot of YouTubers have been emerging. But now video games have come up to the front and are in the race to grab people’s attention. There is a slow shift of interest going on at all times since people do not spend a lot of time on the same activity. If you want to know about the new digital media trends running the scene right now, read ahead.

The Digital Media Consumption Trend-

Digital Media Trends To Know
Digital Media Trends To Know

There has been a lot of new developments in the last 30 years, and the interest in gaming is rising. It has gone up by leaps and bounds and is now a major contender in the entertainment sector. Nearly 30% of consumers in the US now pay for a subscription to games and 41% play them once a week at the least. In fact, among the millennials, more people have a subscription to games than to the traditional Pay TV. This speaks a lot about the direction the future of digital media is going.

Digital Media Trend Of Gaming On Mobile Versus Consoles-

In the gaming community, some people do not think of others who play on mobile devices as real gamers. When the video games first hit the market, you had to have a console to play them. Gradually, gaming on personal computers also became popular, and the percentage of people in the US playing video games became 70%. This percentage has been constant for a few years recently, but people now choose to use it on phones. Since cell phones are a lot more easy to carry around, people spend more time on them. As a result, the shift of the gaming platform from consoles and PCs to mobile devices has taken place.

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