Soccer Games Rules

FIFA Revealed 17 Official Soccer Games Rules

Soccer rules get changed every year and The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) performs minor changes to the sports. Here are the top 17 Soccer Games Rules you should know.

FIFA Revealed 17 Official Soccer Games Rules
FIFA Revealed 17 Official Soccer Games Rules

1-The Field Of Play

The length of the soccer field needs to be between 100 yards and 130 yards. And the width should be between 50 and 100 yards.

2-The Soccer Ball

Under all circumstances, the ball should be 28 inches (70 centimeters). And if it needs to be lesser than that, not lower than 27 inches. If children of 12 or above years old use that ball, it should be no more than 16 ounces. And not less than 14 ounces either.


Including a goalkeeper, there should be no more than 11 players in the field. If a team has less than 7 players, the match is not happening.


Outside the sports equipment, no one can wear anything including jewelry. Also, no electronic communications equipment should be there with the players on the field.

5-The Referee

The Referee will take care of all the rules and his decision will be final. He will look out for the players’ equipment, ball, number of players, etc.

6-Match Officials

long with the main referee, there are two assistant referees. They will take care of a few other things such as offsides and throw-ins, goal kick, etc. And their decisions are final.

7-Match Duration

The match will consist of two 45-minute halves and a 15-minute interval. Due to injuries, some more times will be shared with the players and the captain.

8-Start And Restart

The start of the play starts with a coin toss and it is also known as a kick-off. All players need to be in their respective sites during this time.

9-Ball In And Ball Out

It is depending on the ball rolls across the goal line, the touchline or that the referee declarers to stop the play.

10-Match Outcome Soccer Games Rule

The result depends on how many goals each team is performing. In some certain instances, penalty kicks occur.

11-The Offside Soccer Games Rule

If the player is in the offside position in the field, and he plays a ball or by his teammate, he has not actively played the ball.

12-Fouls and Misconduct Soccer Games Rule

According to some official rules, due to bad behavior, players should give penalties. The latest rule lets the player explain the truth behind his behavior.

13-Penalty Kick Soccer Games Rule

Due to dangerous behavior with an opponent player, one should cause a penalty kick and the referee should place the ball for a kick.

15, 16, 17 Soccer Games Rules

Over the touchline means a throw-in and that will be awarded to a player who did not touch the ball. When the ball goes over the goal line, a goal kick or corner happens depending on the touch of the last player.

FIFA Revealed 17 Official Soccer Games Rules
FIFA Revealed 17 Official Soccer Games Rules

We hope these 17 rules are comprehensive to you for your soccer games. If you need help understanding something, you can comment down below.

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