Guide To Youtube Gaming

Guide To Youtube Gaming

Youtube gaming is not something unheard of. It is a video channel platform designed by Youtube for gamers. Basically, this youtube gaming platform has been designed to stand as a competitor to twitch. Moreover, this is a platform which gives you access to watch every kind of gaming action. You can watch on demand game videos to live gaming videos here.

What Exactly Is Youtube Gaming?

This is basically a platform where users can get access to both on demand as well as live gaming sessions. Moreover, the channel curates all the gaming vidoes in one place. This implies that you can easily search for your favorite reel game without stumbling upon any random video. In addition, the gaming channel comes with an interface featuring all steams of most popular gaming videos. You can even find a dedicated ‘Live’ section on the platform.

Guide To Youtube Gaming
Guide To Youtube Gaming

How Can You Access Youtube Gaming?

Users can easily access the gaming platform on Moreover, you can even download the free gaming app for Android and iOs. You can even enjoy YouTube’s live DVR function no matter on what platform are you accessing.

Difference Between Youtube Gaming And Twitch

It is a myth that youtube gaming is nothing more than a poor imitation of Twitch. There are many differences between the two.

  • Youtube gives equal importance to live as well as on demand content. On the other hand, Twitch’s on-demand videos are actually limited.
  • Youtube videos provide the facility to rewind even during a live broadcast. This is not possible in Twitch.
  • The chat system of Youtube is much better than that of twitch.
  • Youtube sometimes send unwarranted copyright warnings to it users. This is not found with Twitch.
Guide To Youtube Gaming
Guide To Youtube Gaming

Reasons People Watch Youtube Gaming Videos

Well, you will find many people turning to watch these gaming videos. However, the question is why?

To Bond Well With The Community

These gaming videos offer a chance to the users to be a part of the community. Moreover, these gaming videos enable a large section of like-minded people to come together. Gaming allows people to bond together and also gives them opportunities to interact with each other. Moreover, gaming is entertaining and absorbing as well. Infact, many users state that they connect well with their gaming community online.

To Escape

Many users love watching gaming videos just like anybody would like to watch a movie or read a book. It offers a solace to the users who can escape from their stressful lives as well. Moreover, some people feel thrill watching other people playing a particular game.

To Learn New Gaming Skills

Every game has an aspect as well as a goal attached to it. Moreover, every game requires you to learn new skills and gaming videos offer you the chance. You can actually develop your skills of playing a particular game which watching others play it. This is where these gaming videos come into picture. In fact, youtube allows you the provision to ‘see’ how others are playing a particular game.

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