How Does a CPU Cooling Fan Work

How Does a CPU Cooling Fan Work

We all know that the CPU is very important for our computers. Important part of your computer is CPU. Without a motherboard, a computer cannot basically operate. Thus the CPU and computer come hand in hand. We cannot purchase anyone without the other.

How Does a CPU Cooling Fan Work
How Does a CPU Cooling Fan Work

CPU Is Important

Meanwhile, CPU is considered as the brain of the computer. The system of the computer works because of the CPU. Every operation, calculations are done every second. This processing is done with the help of the CPU. However, the computer system like all other electronics generates heat.

On the other hand, the CPU cooling fan is very important. They are necessary to dissipate the heat from your computer. Thus, helping your computer to maintain their system and cool their system. This, in turn, provides durability to the life of your computer. However, there are other necessary functions of a CPU as well.

Convection Principle

The basic thermodynamics behind CPU cooling your computer system is convection. If the air is moving then these molecules float away. Thus, in turn, allowing cooler air to get replaced and absorbed. Meanwhile, using a fan moves the air, providing cooler air steam. Thus, helping your system to stay cool. This, in turn, helps your computer to work better and efficiently as well. You will be able to use your computer for a much longer period of time.

Heat Sinks

In order to cool the CPU, blowing air over it is not enough. Now, heat sinks are blocks of metals like aluminum that is primarily designed to conduct heat. At the base of the heat sink, it is flat which helps you with the easy contact of a hard disk. There are a few numbers of narrow fins that contain air channels. Thus, forming a huge area for cooling. Moreover, it also increases the air that the CPU can dissipate.


In today’s world, there are various speed control options for CPU fans. The inbuilt sensors on the motherboard monitor the temperature of the motherboard as it runs. It depends on the manufacturer as to when your RAM and cooler fan will stop. Often it happens in the course of intervals. In case of rendering videos on a computer, you can actually hear the fans spinning. If you ever hear the high spinning of fans during low work schedules or less intensive programs, you will know that there is a serious problem.

Cooling Time

How Does a CPU Cooling Fan Work
How Does a CPU Cooling Fan Work

You can easily keep your fan at maximum efficiency with a few steps. In order to maintain it, you must clean it every day. You can use a duster that us air compressed. This helps you to track the broken or damaged motors. Also, don’t forget to switch off your computer to cool it down before you start dusting. Also, make sure to clean the vents which will help the computer to have maximum airflow. If you manage to spend time cleaning your computer you can actually make it long-lasting and sturdy.

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