Computer Gaming Addiction

Addiction to video games can become an addiction because it is both entertaining and rewarding (achievements, leaderboard, etc).
You play video games because you want to be distracted. To find other distractions. It can be work, drawing, sport, music, art, … I recommend doing sport because it releases hormons that will make you feel happy because video games do the same and without it, you can feel ‘depressed’.

I also advise you to ask your parents/friends for help. It can be as simple as hiding your devices. You only need something like two months. A nice break can really help you.

Steps To Reduce Addiction

I am so glad that you have recognized this as a problem.

I had this exact same problem during my college days and it turned out very bad for me and I ended up in the mediocre job and even worse scores in my college, probably there was no one to guide me and mainly because I knew the problem and I didn’t do anything about it.

What you can start doing is have a timer set for every time you start your gaming session. The reverse time like 2 hours. The advantage with that is you cannot go snooze it. Once you complete your 2-hour quota for the day, no matter what stage or level you are on, you need to put down your controller and move out of the space.

If you tend to ignore the alarm, ask one of your friends or family member to intervene and stop you, but they need to do it very politely and after that, you need to honor your agreement and discontinue it.

Practice The Following

If you want to take it further, then do the following –

  1. Reduce the timer from 2 hours to 1.5 hours after a week and a week later to 1 hour.
  2. Eventually, after 4 weeks take up some time for gaming once in 2 days for 1 hour and then reudce it to once in four days for 1.5 hours.
  3. Have cheat days like on a Sunday afternoon or Saturday afternoon, like 4 hours straight once in a month. No problem in having this, but you need to ensure that it does not repeat again in the same month.
  4. Reduce online multiplayer gaming, stick to single-player campaigns.
  5. Keep rewarding yourself, like after you finish your assignment, game for an hour or so.
  6. Absolutely no gaming when you need to meet critical deadlines for an assignment/homework/project/exams.

I used to game everyday for close to 2 years. But now I game once or twice in a week for 4-5 hours on the total. I hope you can get success very soon.

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