Video Games Affect The Brain

Video games affect the brain, and the world is aware of it now. Video games have been one of the most influential entertainment businesses in a short period. Addictive as it is, video games come as quite expensive too. People have gone dull and are having lame excuses for not having their job done at the right time — all hail to video games. Video games are bad. They are terrible to our eyes, ears, brains, and cognitive mindsets. This article is all about the people that find video games alarming and a threat to our minds and our society.

In a birds-eye view, video games are in every corner in the USA. People have been using video games so much that it is that every child in a family in every five families are heavily addicted to games.

How Video Games Affect The Brain?
How Video Games Affect The Brain?

How Video Games Affect The Brain?

Videogames are quite naturally played for hours, and time passes by with little to no productivity. What a waste of time. All the talk is about entertainment, but one does not need it 24 hours a day!

Our brains adapt the neurons around the information of the video games we play, and therefore our thoughts do not get a chance to grow up. It dimmers the eyesight as a gamer sits playing video games in front of an LCD screen or LED screen and keeps on playing and playing with his dad’s money. Our eyes have lesser adjusting time to the computer screen than the gamers think and keep on playing. Video games are quite illogical too. As if you were to find those characters in real life, ever. Whether it is about relaxation or not, video games never served a useful purpose in people’s lives. All the dull brains, thanks to video games.

How Video Games Affect The Brain?
How Video Games Affect The Brain?

Video Games And Brain Functions

Scientists have reportedly shown that video games do enough harm in children. there was research committed through the scientists about this, and the results they have found are astonishing. The publication of this report was Frontiers of Neuroscience.
Some scientists in Russia have had commenced research on this topic. They have shown us many reports that are against video games. The brain likes to walk on the path; it feels very secure and easy to walk on in. It will rather choose the wrong instead of the right if the question comes down to comfort or not.

Video Games Are Deadly

Video games affect the brain and have affected student’s lives a lot and are continuing to do so. Games help a lack of concentration towards your studies. Students that have not shown any interest in studies have automatically scored better in tests. Video games are ruining lives more than ever. Video games try to indulge your head in a screen with a false storyline to believe and waste time on.

Parents should be aware of this video game issue and know the brutality they are going to make in their child’s near future. Social experimentists have shown that video games are nothing but illusions that youngsters like to float away.

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