Memorable Game Controller

Memorable Game Controller From Last 40 Years

With the evolution of video games, the tools that we use to control them have also evolved. In the beginning, the memorable game controller includes joysticks with a few buttons (Asteroids) or trackballs. There were knobs (Pong) primarily. And the hardware needed for the games was too costly for the individual users. So, they resided in the arcades in those days. With the advent of a modern gaming console like Atari 2600, pads, and video games, the controllers have changed a lot and become affordable. So, the arcade days are gone in the present scenario.

Memorable Game Controller From Last 40 Years
Memorable Game Controller From Last 40 Years

The picture is entirely different today. The controllers consist of a few joysticks, several buttons (10 to 12). Apart from the game controlling buttons, there are separate buttons provided for the menu and settings. There are fringe controllers and flight sticks too.

Atari Joystick – Memorable Game Controller Of The Yesteryears

In 1977 the Atari 2600 was launched. The model CX10 was a simple joystick that was modified to an easier to use after one year in CX40. In comparison with previous model this model is less costly.

CX40 had become a favorite gaming tool, and the popularity reaches its peak while the computer manufacturers started to include a dedicated port for the joystick.


This product from Mattel was the rival of Atari. A debate was on among both admirers to determine which was better. The graphics were better in Intellivision, but some didn’t agree to it. Whatever it be, we, the game lovers gained from this competition the most as both the company brought us with new advancements in the controllers.

The multi-disc controller of Mattel was the origin of today’s gamepads. The primary mechanism is the same, while the gamepads have added features.

Super Nintendo Gamepad

The SNES is that Super Nintendo Entertainment System was the follower of 1990 NES. It had improved design, rounded controller, and four extra buttons, two on the face and left and right shoulder buttons.

Most of the popular gaming consoles of today copied its diamond shape.

Sony Play Station, A Memorable Game Controller Of The Present Age

Sony came with its first play station in 1994. Initially it had 14 buttons , one to select the function, one to start, four action buttons, four directional buttons, and four shoulder buttons.

In the later versions, dual analog sticks were added for movement. Rumble motor and camera controls were included too to compete with Nintendo, another big gaming equipment company.

Memorable Game Controller From Last 40 Years
Memorable Game Controller From Last 40 Years

Nintendo 64 Controller – Memorable Game Controller

It was launched two years after the first play station by Sony, its main rival in the gaming market. The ten button controller was a copy of Sony’s dual pistol grips. A third grip was, added in the middle part. The analog thumb-stick that it introduced has become an integral part of every modern gaming console. Another significant innovation of Nintendo was ‘Rumble Park.’ Many exciting features are there in it.

So, now you have got an idea about the memorable controllers that are very much useful while you are playing games.

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