Multiplayer Games For PC -

Multiplayer Games For PC

5 Popular Multiplayer Games For PC

Multiplayer games seem to have gained huge popularity among people right from their inception, mainly because they are designed around something very interesting for humans: humans itself.

People find it more satisfying to beat another persona than to beat a computerized or animated character. Hence the popularity of multiplayer gameplay. Men, women, and children can play these games easily without putting in a lot of brains. These games have played an instrumental role in boosting the social networks of people because of the interactions they create. Such games also help in enhancing cognitive functions. Some popular variants of such games are as under:

Multiplayer Games For PC
Multiplayer Games For PC

League Of Legends – Multiplayer Games

This multiplayer video game comes from the house of Riot Games. It is an online game available for Mac and Windows operating systems. With its launch in the year 2009, the game has successfully moved on to become a favorite of many gaming enthusiasts. The developers of this game are constantly working on improvising it and in making it more perfect. Experts have come up with claims saying the game garnered around 22.9% of the total video game playing time in 2015. The inclusion of the championship series is what makes the game more successful and popular. It is a lifestyle preference for people who want to spend some time of entertainment after a hard day’s work.

Multiplayer Games For PC
Multiplayer Games For PC


In its PvE zombies fighting mode, the game garnered huge attention, but it was only after the release of its free battle royale mode that Fortnite took the world of gaming by storm. The free battle royale mode is where a total of 100 players can literally jump onto an island and fight to be the last one standing. Fortnite is free, and it is supported by way of the purchase of seasonal passes and cosmetics like sprays, emotes, axes and skins.

Dota 2 – The King Of All Multiplayer Games

This online fighting game comes from The Valve Corporation known for making games that depict ancient apparition. Quick decision-making and micromanagement requirements of this game make it more of an RTS game. It works wonders when it comes to developing the critical thinking abilities of children. So, next time you stop your kid from having his eyes glued to the game on his PC, stop and give it a second thought. Of course, you can allow your ward to have a gaming session of Dota 2.

Player Unknown’s Battleground

This battle royale game by Brendan Greene is quite similar to Fortnite. Even this game involves a total of 100 players fighting for the survival of that one highly powerful and strong. This is an adventure cum action multiplayer game widely popular among gaming enthusiasts.


Since its release in 2016, the game has been growing its player base and even its structure and gameplay. Time and again, the developers keep introducing new characters in this game. It is a game that holds the record of gaining massive popularity within a very short period.

Gaming has got better with technology. The multiplayer games of the recent times speak of improved user interface and graphics. So, this is the right time for you to enjoy real-life processes by playing the above-mentioned games.

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