PC Building Tips

PC Building Tips: That Are Learned From Marcus

A team named Newegg linked with a YouTuber Marcus Cole to put on a PC building master class. It was at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere on July 28th, 2019. Marcus Cole is the host of the YouTube Channel named PC Centric. In other words, he knows some things about PC building.

Marcus Cole showed the entire process of PC building. He started by placing the motherboard and ending in dealing with the cables. He did the whole process of PC building with just some things provided by the team Newegg. By this, the audience got some of the tips from him. Take a look at the tips that you need to know in the PC building.

Buy A Magnetic Screwdriver

Marcus suggests everyone have a magnetic screwdriver while PC building. Eventually, it makes to have no risks of dropping small screws into the deep space case. Everyone agrees to have a magnetic screwdriver instead of shaking a computer case to make a fallen screw out.

Initiate With The Monitor

Most importantly, it is essential to know what you want to use the PC for. If you know the reason why you are building and then select the parts according to your purpose. For example, if you are going to use the PC for gaming, then you need to know about the monitor first. You need to have a very high-end graphics card for a gaming PC.

Never Put The Motherboard In Straight Away:

You will get things quite complicated when you try your hand at PC building on your gaming machine. However, it will be very challenging into the PC case for installing parts. Therefore, Marcus computes fewer problems in installing the RAM and CPU before screwing the motherboard. He says that it will be easy to build the motherboard after fixing all the things at first. It is because once all the things assemble in the case, and then you will get more light in the case.

16 GB Of RAM Is More Enough For Gaming PC:

PC Building Tips: That Are Learned From Marcus
PC Building Tips: That Are Learned From Marcus

Marcus is saying that the amount of RAM you need will purely depend on what you are going to use your PC for. For example, for gaming pc, it is believed that 8 GB of RAM is necessary. For the high-end graphic, it will be a bit safer if you have 16 GB of RAM. There are many advantages to RAM apart from gaming. 

Cut The Cables With PSU’s

Most of the people don’t want to see the mess of wires. You can see a lot of wires inside the case while a PC building. Cut down the cables with the help of semi-modular power supplies. If you use a semi-modular power supply, then all the wires can be pre-attached. These semi-modular power supplies are affordable and can get save a bit of money.

Don’t Have To Worry About Static

PC Building Tips: That Are Learned From Marcus
PC Building Tips: That Are Learned From Marcus

We know that static electricity exhausts some of the computer parts. You will hear this static issue only if you break your PC components. Therefore, Components are coming in an anti-static bag in the PC case.

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