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Remote Minecraft Host

Remote Minecraft Host

Gaming is fun only with good speed and connectivity. Also, some games allow for multiplayer gaming. In these games, all the players are connected to the local server to play the game. Sometimes in spite of set up with a local server, the speed is slow. Thus, you cannot share the home server with friends. As you know, remote hosts are servers in private networks. Hence, here are some tips for selecting a remote Minecraft host.

Selecting a Remote Minecraft Host

First of all, one should be familiar with the technicality of the local server. Secondly, you should have an idea about the range of servers.

Remote Minecraft Host
Remote Minecraft Host

The Official Route

Minecraft Realms is the only official Minecraft host in the world. Mojang directly hosts it. It provides stable servers, backups, and excellent uptime. Even if it does not support plugins and other add-ons, it is still a necessary host. The appearance on Minecraft Realms is similar to the PC edition. Thus, Realms is the best option with minimum setup. Although it is official, it is cheap. Also, there are many Minecraft hosts available online. Both price and quality vary of the various hosts.

Hardware Requirements

Sometimes Minecraft becomes hardware intensive when there are a lot of players. This does not require too much disk space. As it is read/write-intensive, so it is good to have SSDs.

Setup for Remote Minecraft Host

In most cases, the setup is guided by the web hosts. You can read the Help/FAQ to know about the setup. Follow the step by step process for completing the setup. The web page will also guide you through the payment procedure.

Remote Minecraft Host
Remote Minecraft Host

Hosting Plan

It is essential to have a good hosting plan. Having a good plan becomes more important if you want a host for many players. The minimum level is 20 or fewer players. On average, a plan for 20 or fewer players cost $5-15 for a month. This cost increases when you take up plans for more players. More players mean more memory of the server, thus more costs.

For a complete setup, maintenance, and backup, you will be charged $20-30 for a month. With this plan, you will be 100% tension free. Also, in this plan, you are provided with a 2GB memory of the server. Similarly, for 8GB of RAM, you will have to spend $80 for a Minecraft host.

Furthermore, other nonofficial hosts charge less for a host, but the quality may be compromised. It takes a lot of time for completing the setup from other hosts. Thus, this may save money but takes a lot of time to install.


Hence, all the tips mentioned above help set up a proper server for multiplayer gaming. Also, a remote server provides 24×7 access to gaming. Your friends can access the remote server from all over the world. After this, the home connection becomes less critical. It no more acts as a server. You can invite anyone from across the globe to join the game. Hence, now you can have high-speed lightning-fast gaming experience.

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