Laptop With Rgb Ram

My preference is a gaming laptop with an RGB Ram.

Pros And Cons Of Both With RGB Ram


1. Portability and space consumption – This is the most significant point of my preference for a gaming laptop. If you like to play games on the move, prefer a gaming laptop. It will also consume lesser space as compared to PC. If your house is small, it should be the preferred option. Also, you can use it in college and the office. You will not have to keep gaming PC and laptop separately. Nowadays, gaming laptops are also getting lighter in weight. You can get a gaming laptop at around 2 – 2.7 kg at a low price with cooling fans in it.

2. Multi-usage -, if you connect gaming laptop to the TV and buy gaming controller, you can get an Xbox like experience. You can join the computer to the TV to watch movies or anything as well.

Should I Get A Gaming Pc Or A Gaming Laptop With Rgb Ram?
Should I Get A Gaming Pc Or A Gaming Laptop With Rgb Ram?


1. Performance:- The return of gaming laptop components at the same configuration as of gaming PC is slightly lower because laptop components are smaller in size and are less potent as compared to PC components. So, if they are a professional gamer, gaming PC would be better for those. Casual gamer’s who don’t like to play multiplayer games like PUBG, CS, etc. and want to play GTA, Call of Duty, etc. casually can opt for a gaming laptop.

2. Upgrade – This is the most significant difference between gaming PC and gaming laptops. You cannot upgrade your main components like processor, motherboard, and graphics card in a gaming laptop. Only RAM and storage upgrade is available that too on specific models. 

3. Low screen size and refresh rates – A budget gaming laptop would give you a 15.6-inch screen size and mostly at a 60 Hz refresh rate. It might matter to those who play competitive games like CS, PUBG since every millisecond matters for them and refresh rate becomes a significant point for them. So, gaming PC would be preferable for them.

Should I Get A Gaming Pc Or A Gaming Laptop With Rgb Ram?
Should I Get A Gaming Pc Or A Gaming Laptop With Rgb Ram?

Few More Disadvantages

4. Battery – If gaming laptop manufacturers reduce the weight of a laptop, then the battery life of that laptop will also be lesser. If your usage is lighter like internet surfing checking mails, making ppts, then during that time, you will get around 3 – 7 hrs depending on the laptop. When you play big games that use GPU and other components extensively, then your usage time will 1 – 3 hrs. So, even while gaming, you might have to keep your laptop connected to the charger. it is a significant issue, especially with a lightweight budget gaming laptop.

5. Pricing – the Price difference between a gaming PC and gaming laptop is very much. Gaming laptops are costly as compared to gaming PC build.

Then, who should buy what? If you are a casual gamer, play games for fun like portability for other work, and not concerned about high gaming graphic quality, buy a budget gaming laptop. For those who want to play competitive multiplayer gaming and want to make gaming as a career, buy gaming PC. For those people who work in animation and video creation, prefer gaming PC over gaming laptop. 

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