Some Popular Car Games For Kids

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Car games have never failed to impress and attract kids. The adrenalin rush that these car games for kids provides is the main reason behind their rising popularity. Well, whatever may be the reason, but these car games have got kids addicted worldwide. The sound of the countdown is enough to get kids rush over from any corner of the house.

Some Recently Popular Car Games For Kids

Some Popular Car Games For Kids
Some Popular Car Games For Kids

Though there are many kinds of game available, but car games have made a perfect niche for themselves. Shifting of gears, gas pedals, and the crazy racing of the cars on the virtual roads gives an extraordinary thrill to the players. Well, let us read about some of the popular car games available for kids.

Forza 4: Among Popular Car Games

Thanks to the latest Xbox 360 technological power, the Forza Motorsport 4 is a game which offers a perfect opportunity to car racing enthusiasts. The best aspect of the game is that it allows the kids to enjoy their car passion through innovative leaps, different variety of racing cars, and enthusiastic challenges. In fact, you can even enjoy the perfect Aston Martin range of cars. Thus, if you desire to enjoy the thrill of riding James bond cars, the Forza Motorsport 4 is just for you.

Features Of The Game

  • Some of the exciting features of the game include:
  • A perfectly lighting engine;
  • Collection of 450 cars;
  • Extraordinary Hollywood style visual effects.
Some Popular Car Games For Kids
Some Popular Car Games For Kids

DiRT 4 – Among Exciting Car Games

Another entry among the most popular games for kids is DiRt 4 game. The game is known to offer the best visual effects when it comes to off-road racing. The thrill factor associated with the car game is exciting and offers many options for making impulsive decisions. The beautiful graphical illustrations offered by the game are just fantastic.

Features Of The Game

  • Different skill levels with increasing difficult levels;
  • 5 different locations with million routes;
  • Variety of 50 off-road cars;
  • Caters to both gamers as well as simulation audience;
  • Engaging and impressive gameplay.

Project CARS – PlayStation 4

If you are seeking new challenges and intensity in these games, this is the perfect alternative for you. This is a perfect car racing game which is fantastic in its own way. It is definitely a technologically rich game. A mesmerizing and exciting game, Project CARS is definitely gaining popularity day by day.

Features Of The Game

  • A wide variety of cars as well as motorsports;
  • Some 60 unique tracks;
  • Beautiful graphics;
  • Gives the feeling of real life driving.

Mario Kart 8 – Delux

Mario has always been a part of everyone’s childhood. Thus, how can car games be left behind? The game offers you the perfect option to relive your childhood character. Moreover, you can always engage in the game with your friends and family as it a 4 players multiplayer game.

Features Of The Game

  • Exciting new characters;
  • Handheld mode;
  • Engaging graphics;
  • Many fantastic challenges;
  • Game mode available for different skill levels.
  • Beginners may enjoy a lot;
  • Battle mode addition is a fantastic feature.

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