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Technology is moving faster than any other phenomenon today. Like its pace, millennials are at par with the changes in the tech world. Let’s look at ten apps which every parent should know. On the other hand, parents often find themselves behind the technology their kids are exposed to. This makes them feel impossible to keep their children in a safe bubble. Here are Ten Apps which are very essential.

Ten Apps Kid’s Use That Parents Should Know

Ten Apps Kid’s Use That Parents Should Know

Onset Of Digital Age

The digital age comes with the ability to persuade and manipulate the user. This makes children the main victim. Nonetheless, the job of a parent to keep their children safe does not end here. In fact, they must be more vigilant and keep themselves up to date with the changes in technology.
But before directly diving into keeping one up to date, parents should first educate their kids about online safety. The conventional way of sitting your kids down can actually make the kids aware of the platform they use. Parents should always start from the basics of the actual device, its functions, possibilities and ways to stay secure.

Ten Apps Kid’s Use That Parents Should Know

Ten Apps Kid’s Use That Parents Should Know

Advance Of Apps And More

One of the ways to do this is to link both the parents’ and kids’ devices to an iCloud account. Some ten apps sync any phone activity, thereby enabling the parent to know if it can pose a threat. This is a major perk of technology.
Besides the tips, a parent should keep themselves informed about certain applications that are trending and potentially posing a threat to kids.

Some Apps You Should Know

Applications A Parent Should Familiarize With To Keep Kids Safe.
Hide it Pro (HIP): The app uses a disguise cover to mask the actual functionality it provides. A music logo with the abbreviation HIP is enough to make anyone skip through the app. It allows the user to hide information from photos, videos, text, etc by setting a pin code.

Calculator+: This app also uses a calculator icon but its function is to actually hide information. It provides the same function as the HIP app.

Snapchat: This app is used by teenagers at large all over the world. It enables the user to send pictures and videos to their timeline for a certain period of time. The app does not come with any mechanism that doesn’t allow another user to take a screenshot. Therefore, automatically compromising one’s security. However, the app does come with guidelines and does not permit any kind of explicit nudity on its platform.

Line: This all-in-one app is made for chatting and sharing any kind of information but its in-app activities require one to link their credit card. This turns out to be a major security issue.

Omegle: This website lets one connect to any stranger via chat or video. It is not an app but an online chatroom that enables anyone to talk to unknown people.

Tinder: This online dating app enables users to rate and locate people to meet them. It is highly used by adults but the trend is growing among teenagers as well. However, even if the app states the legal age of 18+, there is no kind of mechanism to verify the age.

Whisper: A platform where people share information anonymously online. It comes with a nearby location radius where people can post from others in the same area. Though the name of the user is not revealed, information about the city, state and country are.

Kik Messenger: This messaging app allows users to exchange information with strangers as well. Besides this, it can prevent the intervention of parental control using a password solely meant for the user.

Vora: This dieting app allows one user to keep track of their activity with other users. However, the threat here lies for kids who already have issues with eating.

Ask.fm: This app comes with incognito functionality that allows users to question and answer other users anonymously. But a high rate of negative questions can happen on this app.

Other Ten Apps parents should be vigilant about are:

KeepSafe, SA
Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Tik Tok
Blendr, HOLLA, MeetMe, Monkey, Live.me

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