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Are you keenly awaiting the surprises the Nintendo Switch gaming world will unveil in 2020? Have you pinned your hopes on playing games with the best graphics, studded with adventure and thrill? Then this list of top 7 Nintendo Switch games 2020 will satisfy your curiosity. Here is a look at what 2020 has in store to pique your gaming interests.

Top 7 Amazing Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games
Top 7 Amazing Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games

The Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games

  1. Little Nightmares 2 – As a sequel to their popular Little Nightmares, Tarsier Studios will bring a new child name Mono in the picture. The announcement was made in 2019 at Gamescom. Infusing elements of horror, and blending it with adventure, this game is sure to get you addicted.
  2. Gods & Monsters – There are plenty of games that satiate the hunger for the thrill, but this game provides additional adventure to Greek mythology enthusiasts. Ubisoft has incorporated the concept of Gods succumbing to Typhon, and boy as the protagonist reviving them. If you wish to dive into history with Nintendo Switch games, this one will serve the purpose accurately.
  3. No More Heroes 3 – The main character Travis Touchdown is about to face some serious threats of destruction again. This time the human race has to be saved from an alien invasion, and you need to help our hero in the mission. This is one of the most awaited ones from Nintendo Switch games 2020.
  4.  Doom Eternal – After a long wait, id Software is bringing a remake for their popular game doom, and it has our hopes high. The aim is to eliminate the creatures that have surfaced and are populating the earth. The invasion mode of the game will get another player to it which will play against you. This will add unpredictability, and you will face a tough battle.
Top 7 Amazing Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games
Top 7 Amazing Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games

The Next Best

  1. Metroid Prime 4 – If you are already familiar with the Metroid series, this is one of the Nintendo Switch Games 2020 that will excite you most. Since it has been a long-time addition to this has surfaced, it is going to be incorporated with better mechanics. The Retro Studios is all set to bring it out with a bang!
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild Sequel – A game by Nintendo which is a Nintendo Switch exclusive, the sequel is coming not long after the original. This is a bonus for the players which have stuck with Nintendo’s gaming environment. Even though the announcement occurred at E3 in 2019, the launch in 2020 is not too sure.
  3. Spiritfarer – Has the afterlife always awakened your keenness? Then this game from Thunder Lotus Games is certainly for you. A ferry master that is assigned with the task to guide spirits to the afterlife is the protagonist. With not much action like other Nintendo Switch games 2020, the game is a lighthearted venture for players who need a break from all the on-screen violence. 

Keep a sharp eye on what 2020 is bringing for your Nintendo Switch games with this. You won’t be disappointed by the enormous range it is bringing for you to choose from! Visit the gaminggram official blog

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