Top Game Apps For Android Users: 2019

Top Game Apps For Android Users: 2019

Gaming is a new hobby of today’s generation even 5 years old kids. Among so many games available on Google Play, it becomes a challenging task to find the right ones. For your convenience, here are top game apps you can find for your Android gaming experience. These include both paid and free gaming apps. Whatever that is, both categories are equally entertaining and graphics-rich.

Top Game Apps For Android Users: 2019
Top Game Apps For Android Users: 2019

Oceanhorn- Action & Adventure

Oceanhorn is for you if you love action and adventure gaming. It will give you some cool features along with awesome graphics and soundtracks. Besides, you can play it easily on your Android phone.

Broken Age ($20)

It was an excellent storyline and some beautiful graphics. The animations are also fantastic, and the puzzles are cool. The game offers voices of Elijah Wood, Jack Black, and Masasa Moyo as background soundtracks.

Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball fans will have lots of fun with the Dragon Ball Legends game. It is there in the Play Store for quite some time now and it’s good. You can fight through various levels, collect abilities, and characters. You can play it in both landscape and portrait modes.

Real Racing 3

If you like racing games, let’s try out this one. Real Racing 3 offers lots of events and customization options. You can choose from impressive tracks and multiple gaming modes. In the Android platform, Real Racing 3 is a popular name in the list of video games.

Horizon Chase

When developers build a game that is fun and exciting at the same time, it captures all of our hearts. Horizon Chase is a kind of game that feels like you are playing it in the real world. The graphics are so beautiful and the colorful levels leave you breathless.

PUBG Mobile

Released in 2018, PUBG Mobile is currently ruling the world. It is a shooting game where you can build your team. The controls may look somewhat awkward until you get used to it.

Fortnite Game Apps

Fortnite is at the moment, one of the most popular Android games. But Google Play Store does not provide this. You have to visit the Epic Games website. You will have lots of fun with this game, alone or with other players.

Into the Dead 2

As you can see it in its name, it includes zombies. You have to kill them and it’s fun. This is an action-packed zombie apocalypse game. You have to save your family in this and have to gather powerful weapons to kill those brain eaters.


Pac-Man is still fun and favorite since its first release. It is new and fresh and updates its interface every day to add new levels. That what makes it more fun and interesting.

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements is full of adventures and somewhat similar to Sim City. It can get little aggressive at times too.

Top Game Apps For Android Users: 2019
Top Game Apps For Android Users: 2019

Tell us quickly if you have a favorite video game on the list we provided. Or do you prefer to play some other games? Tell us your favorite Game Apps.

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