Which Is Better For Gaming

Which is better for Gaming, HDD or SSD? It seems to be an eternal question for ardent computer game lovers. HDD stands for Hard disk drive, whereas SSD stands for a solid-state drive. When you look at both of them for game storage purpose, the selection is a little confusing.

First, let us see one by one what they do. To play games and to download their full features, you need a huge storage place on your computer. They both store data, but due to different technology, they work a bit differently. Hard disc drives are suitable for gaming, provided enough space. Generally, modern games range from 20 to 100 GB. If your HDD is fast enough to support your graphic card, then it will run smoothly. 

The only disadvantage of HDD is it doesn’t load the game as faster as SSD. As SSD doesn’t have spinning parts, they charge your game whenever you are ready. They work without any delay and have faster load times. You should choose them as per your budget. SSD is more energy-efficient, quieter, and durable than HDD.

Now, let us see about HDD and SSD characteristics.

Which Is Better For Gaming: HDD or SSD? A Side By Side Comparison
Which Is Better For Gaming: HDD or SSD? A Side By Side Comparison

HDD or SSD? Which one to choose?

Hard disc drive performance is very high. It supports almost all kinds of graphic cards. It offers a large storage capacity. If the computer turns off suddenly, the unsaved items or games are never lost. It is fixed inside, very lightweight, and works faster. Networks connect with them easily by default.

A reliable state device is more durable than HDD if you reassemble your computer. It loads the game faster than HDD and always gets ready. They are also resistant towards the nominal drop, wear, and tear. As they don’t have many small parts, therefore it is resistant to breakage. 

SSD requires less power to operate and also easy to remove. HDD also produces a significant amount of heat, which is a damaging factor of it. Since there are no small parts in SSD, it produces less heat. SSD is also shock resistant than g traditional hard drives. SSD also offers faster boot time.

Which Is Better For Gaming: HDD or SSD? A Side By Side Comparison
Which Is Better For Gaming: HDD or SSD? A Side By Side Comparison

Other Characteristics of Gaming PC

The motherboard and the processor are the other two gaming components in a gaming PC. A special mention should go for graphics cards also. If you want to roam around in the virtual world freely, you need a dedicated graphics card, at least GTX 1070. For a mid-range card, you should at least use GTX 960 or AMD Radeon R9 380. It is the right balance of price and performance.You can also opt for the Intel Z170 chipset.It works well with Intel Processor also. You should always go for high definition features in your gaming PC as modern games need enough memory space to operate, so you need all current consoles. If you are a gamer by heart, then you will always choose cheap products for your PC to last. 

So, it will be a wise decision to choose SSD over HDD.

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